All parents are hereby notified that the madrassa will be closed on Saturday June 02, 2018 to allow parents, teachers, students and staff to dedicate the remainder of the month of Ramadan to the worship of Allah.

The madrassa will re-open on Saturday July 01, 2018. In addition to the closure, the madrassa’s programmatic offerings will be completely revamped. All changes will be communicated to parents in the next few weeks.

Three important changes that will be taking effect at the start of the next madrassa session are:

  • Re-enrollment: All parents are required to re-enroll their kids on 07/01/18
  • Fees: Effective 07/01/18, madrassa fee will be $50 per child.
  • Delinquent/Unpaid months: Parents who owe back fees for any prior months WILL NOT be allowed top re-enroll their children, unless and until they pay all past due amounts.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact the office at 614-259-3277